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Our Vision

"Our vision is to provide affordable elegance in stone through uncompromising quality, reliability, commitment and exceptional service to our customers."

Our Mission  

"To push the limits of the natural stone industry by bringing our customers,distinct,durable,quality,elegant solutions and unparalleled customer service."


Mazeras natural stones has risen from a local start-up to a reputable commercial establishment, gathering immense experience over time. However, our philosophy today is the same as it was that first day we rolled out our operations. We believe in and strive to provide the highest possible level of service, the best technical and design assistance available, excellent product quality, and competitive pricing.

The quantity, variance, and quality of our production lines allows us to meet the needs and performance requirements of any project,whether commercial,institutional,industrial or residential in nature, in Kenya or the entire EA region.
Our vast indigenous knowledge of the source and market coupled with a consumer based strategy, enables us to provide outstanding products within a projects budgetary limits.

Some of our Products
Mazeras Tiles
Granite Flooring
River Pebbles
Stone Table-Tops.
Machakos Silver stones
Some of the Application Areas of our Products
Mazeras Earth Slate
Interior Accents


Rain, cold, heat and wind are no match for durability or long- lasting elegance. Our natural stone products bring unique distinction to walls, stairs, patio, pathways and any place you want to add that unique look that can only be realized from natural stone.


Whether you play it big and bold, or subtle and sophisticated, nothing brings immediate drama to a room like our mazeras slate, machakos silver stone, quartzite stone or river pebbles flooring. From casual cottage design to grand scale elegance, our flooring can play any role you demand!


With their extraordinary color palette and range of natural textures, our mazeras slate, machakos silver stone, quartzite stone and river pebbles offer you the opportunity to bring the beauty and spirit of the outdoors to interior space.


The natural beauty of our outstanding stone types lends elegant distinction to any commercial application; from expansive wall claddings stretching into the clouds to distinctive accents complimenting the most finite architectural details

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