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Natural stone WHY NATURAL STONE?

Natural stone has been valued throughout the millennia for its sculptural and architectural qualities. Natural stone is timeless . Its durability ensures that your choice of style lasts a lifetime. Natural stone, correctly selected will increase the value of your property and enhance your living areas.

By purchasing Mazeras natural stones products, you are investing in a lifestyle! No two pieces of mazeras natural stone tiles are alike, each slate bears its own unique beauty, and they are the perfect medium for creating distinct designs that truly stand out from the crowd!

0ur mazeras slates, machakos silver stone , quartzite stone tiles and river pebbles  give a distinct elegant touch to every finish, that’s why we are proud to be associated with a wide pool of clients, ranging from five star hotels,lodges,luxury homes, shopping malls, and universities that have satisfactorily used our products in their projects.


Mazeras Slates/Galana Stone

Mazeras Tiles
Mazeras Paving Works
Earth Slate
Mazeras Earth Slate
Mazeras Tiles
Mazeras Veneer
Cultured Stone  
Mazeras Cultured Stone

Machakos Silver Stone

Machakos Silver stone
Machakos Silver Stone
Exterior Paving
Machakos Silver Stone
Machakos Silver stones

Stone Table Tops

Outdoor coffee table
Outdoor Coffee Table
Kitchen Table
Stacked Stone Kitchen
Outdoor stacked  
Stacked Outdoor Table
Granite Coffee Table
Stone Slate Table
Stone Slate Table


Yellow quartzite
Yellow Quartzite
Gray quartzite  
Gray Quartzite
Green Quartzite  
Green Quartzite
Golden-gray quartzite
Golden-gray Quartzite
Black Quartzite
Black Quartzite

River Pebbles

River pebbles
Coloured river Pebbles
Coloured pebbles
Coloured Pebbles
River Pebbles
River Pebbles
River Pebbles.
Cream Pebbles
Cream Pebbles

ExteriorRain, cold, heat and wind are no match for durability or long- lasting elegance. Our natural stone products bring unique distinction to walls, stairs, patio, pathways and any place you want to add that unique look that can only be realized from natural stone.


FlooringWhether you play it big and bold, or subtle and sophisticated, nothing brings immediate drama to a room like our mazeras slate, machakos silver stone, quartzite stone or river pebbles flooring. From casual cottage design to grand scale elegance, our flooring can play any role you demand!

Interior Accents

InteriorWith their extraordinary color palette and range of natural textures, our mazeras slate, machakos silver stone, quartzite stone and river pebbles offer you the opportunity to bring the beauty and spirit of the outdoors to interior space


CommercialThe natural beauty of our outstanding stone types lends elegant distinction to any commercial application; from expansive wall claddings stretching into the clouds to distinctive accents complimenting the most finite architectural details. 

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